The Book of Tobit

The Book of Tobit

1:1 The book containing the words of Tobit the son and grandson of Tobiel the sons of Ananiel the children of Gabael the sons of Aduel the sons of Gabael the sons of Asael the descendants of Nephthali

1:2 Enemessar, the king of the Assyrians was captured from Thisbe at the right-hand of that city. The city is known as Nephthali in Galilee over Aser.

1:3 1:3 I Tobit have spent all my days in the paths of truth and justice, and I gave alms to my brothers and my people that accompanied me from Nineve into the land the Assyrians. Movie (

1:4 When I was in Israel’s own country, as a child, all Nephthali brothers were thrown out of the house at Jerusalem. The temple of the habitation was consecrated there and built for all time.

1:5 Then all the tribes who rebelled, as well as the house of Nephthali sacrificed themselves to the sheifer Baal.

1:6 I was the one who travelled often to Jerusalem to enjoy the feasts. This was as it was ordained by an everlasting law for all Israel’s people, having the first fruits of the increase and tenths thereof, with the first cut off. Then I gave them the children Aaron at the altar.

1:7 The first 10th part of all the increases I gave to Aaron’s sons who ministered at Jerusalem. A tenth part I sold and took it to spend every single year at Jerusalem.

1:8 And I gave the third to whomever was able to meet, just as Debora my dad’s mother had commanded.

1:9 Moreover at the age of men, I married Anna, a woman of my own blood, and I had Tobias. Petition: Mel Gibson should play Tobit in feature film *

1:10 When we were imprisoned to Nineve all my brethren, and those who were of my blood, ate of the bread that was prepared by the Gentiles.

1:11 But I kept myself from eating;

1:12 Because God is the only person I can remember with all my heart.

1:13 The Lord gave me grace and favor before Enemessar to enable me to be his purveyor.

1:14 And I went into Media and left with Gabael, the brother of Gabrias, at Rages the city in Media 10 talent of silver.

1:15 After the death of Enemessar, Sennacherib his child ruled in his stead. The estate of Sennacherib was so troubled I was unable to enter Media.

1:16 At the time Enemessar, my brethren received many alms, and I gave my food to those who were hungry.

1:17 I also donated my clothes to the poor If I found anyone of my people dead, or cast about the walls of Nineve, I laid him to rest. him.

1:18 1:8 Sennacherib had killed any at the time the time came for him to come, I fled from Judea. I laid them to rest privily, for he wailed over numerous. However, the remains weren’t found until the king sought to take them away.

1:19 When one of the Ninevites appeared to complain about me to King, I dug a grave for them and hidden myself, being aware that I would be executed, I withdrew.

1:20 My belongings were taken away. I was taken away with my wife Anna as well as my son Tobias.

1:21 It lasted for five and fifty years, before the two sons of his murdered him.

1:22 Achiacharus insisted for me and I went back to Nineve. Achiacharus was the cupbearer. He also keeper the signet, and was also the steward of the accounts. Sarchedonus appointed Sarchedonus as his next unto me, He was my son.

2:1 I was then taken to my home by my wife Anna, who was also my son Tobias. At the Pentecost celebration of Pentecost (which is the holy celebration during seven weeks), there was a delicious meal that was that was prepared. I enjoyed it when I sat down and ate.

2:2 I saw abundant meat and I told my son “Go and take any poor man that thou finds out of our brethren who are conscious of God. And wait, I will pour for thee.”

2:3 He returned and prayed to God, “Father Our nation is strangled and is being sold on the market.

2:4 before I even had a taste of meat, he woke up and I took him to a room, which he stayed in until the sun set.

2:5 Then I returned, and washed myself, and then ate my meat in heaviness,

2:6 Keep in mind the prophecy of Amos. He stated, “Your feasts shall be changed into sorrow, and your joy into tears.”

2:7 Therefore, I wept, and then after the going down of the sun I went and made a grave, and then buried him.

2:8 But my neighbours mocked me, and said: The man isn’t scared of being put to death for this matter: who fled away; and yet, lo is he buried the dead in a second time.

2:9 That night, too I returned from the grave, and slept by the wall of my backyard, getting polluted and my face was uncovered:

2:10 I did not know there was a sparrow on the wall. When mine eyes were open the sparrows would suck warm dirt into my eyes. Then, a whiteness appeared. I returned to the doctors but they couldn’t help me. Achiacharus continued to nourish me, until Elymais.

2:11 My wife Anna took on women’s work.

2:12 The owners paid her for her earnings after she returned home and gave her an additional child.

2:13 When it came into my house and she began to weep I asked the child, Where is this kid? Is it not a stolen object? give it to the owner; for it is not lawful to eat any thing that has been taken.

2:14 She responded, “It was given to me as a gift, instead of a wage.” But I believed her, and instructed her to hand it over to the owner. She was astonished. She replied, “Where is your alms?” Behold, thou as well as all of thy work is known.

3: I was grieved and was crying and, in my grief, prayed, saying,

3:2 O Lord, thou art righteous, and all thy works and all thy ways are mercy and truth, and thou judgest truly and with justice for all time.

3:3 Remember me to watch you.

3:4 They did not obey the commands of God. Therefore, thou hast given us as a spoil unto captivity and death and as a proverbial reproach to all nations.

3:5 And now thy judgments are many and true: deal with me in accordance with my sins and my fathers’: since we haven’t kept thy commandments, neither have walked in truth before thee.

3:6 Now you must deal with my soul in the best way possible, and then ask my spirit to go.

3:7 It happened the same day, the maids of Raguel’s father also reproached Raguel’s daughter in Ecbatane.

3:8 As she was married prior to seven husbands who Asmodeus was the devil’s spirit had killed. Did they not mention that she killed her husbands? thou hast already seven husbands. Also, thou was not named after one of them.

3:9 How can you defeat us in their place? If they’re dead, then follow their example and we’ll never see them.

3:10 She was so devastated when she heard the words, that she thought she was strangling herself. She declared, “I am the only child of my father. If I do this, it’s a reproach unto me, and I will bring his old age grief to the end of time.”

3:11 She then turned to the window and said: Blessed Art Thou, Lord My God, and thine beautiful, holy name is honored for ever and let all of your works be praised thee for ever.

3:12 O Lord, right now I am directing my eyes and my heart to thee.

3:33 And declare, “Take me out of this earth to ensure that I no longer hear the curse.”

3:14 Thou hast sage, Lord that I am completely free from any sin that is associated with man

3:15 And that my name and that of my father were never infected during my imprisonment. I am his sole daughter, and he has not been his heir to any of his children, nor a near kinsman. I can keep myself as a wife to seven of my husbands who have all passed away. But I would appreciate it if you think it is pleasing to you that I should be buried. I’d like to receive some consideration, and pity for me.

3:16 So they both prayed to the great God.

3:17 Raphael was appointed as a healer for them both. This is to remove Tobit’s eyes from whiteness and also to gift Sara the daughter of Raguel to Tobias the son of Tobit and to tie Asmodeus and to bless her with the evil spirit. Sara was a part of Tobias via her inheritance. Tobit returned home at in the same moment and entered his house. Sara, the daughter of Raguel, came down from her higher chamber.

4:1 Tobit Reminisced about the money he had given Gabael in Rages of Media that day.

4:2 And said with himself, I have wished for death; wherefore do I not call for my son Tobias to be a signatory to him for the sum of money prior to my death?

4:3 When he called him, his son said, My child, when I am gone, bury myself; but don’t hate thy mother. Remember her throughout your life, and do what is best for her.

4:4 Remember, my boy, that she saw numerous threats to you as thou washed in her womb. When she passes away, bury her with me at one funeral.

4:5 My son, be conscious of God our God all your days. Don’t let thy will be influenced by the wrong side or break his commands. Be upright throughout your life and not take unrighteous routes.

4:6 You will be able to deal with your problems effectively if you choose to. It will bring wealth to your life and that of all others who live in the spirit of justice.

4:7 Don’t forget to give alms out of your source. If thou doesst give alms, let not your eye be jealous. Do not turn your back from any poor. God’s face God will not turn from you.

4:8 If thou hast plenty, be generous: even If thou hast only a little, be not afraid to give according to that little:

4:9 For thou hast accumulated a good wealth for thyself in the face of necessity.

4:10 To deliver death and don’t allow darkness to enter.

4:11 For alms can be a valuable offering to God.

4:12 Beware and be careful of all whoredom, my son. You should get married to the daughter of your parents. Do not take a woman of another tribe to wed: We are the descendants of prophets Noe (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob): Keep in mind that all of our parents were blessed from the beginning. They all married wives of their kindred and had children. Their seed shall be the inheritors of the land.

4:13 Now, my son be a good and loving son to your brothers, daughters, sons and sons of your people. Pride is ruin, causing much trouble, and lewdness decays and is a great demand. Lewdness is the mother cause of famine.

4:14 Don’t let any man’s wage, which he made for you, annoy you. Instead, you should give the money to him from your own hands: God will repay thee if He serves thee.

4:15 Don’t do any thing to anybody that you don’t like: Do not drink any wine to make it drunken and do not allow alcohol to accompany you during your journey.

4:16 Feed your children to the hungry and of your clothes to the naked.

4.17 Don’t forget to distribute all the good things to the poor.

4:18 Get counsel from all that are wise, and despise not any advice that can be profitable.

4:19 Praise the Lord 4:19, thy God and beg for his guidance in your steps, and for all your counsels to succeed. For every nation is without counsel, but the Lord alone gives all good things. He humbles those whom is willing. This is now, my son. Keep my commands in your the mind of your child and prevent them from being lost.

4.20 Now I declare this to them that I committed ten talents to Gabael the son of Gabrias at Rages in Media.

4:21 Don’t be worried of the fact that we will become poor. For thou hast wealth when thou trusts in God.

5:1 Tobias responded and said to his father, “Father I will obey all that thou commanded me.

5:2 How do I obtain the money if I don’t know him?

5:3 He then gave him his handwriting and told him: Find a man that may accompany you while I still live. I will pay him wages. Then, go and get the money.

5:4 Consequently, when he sought a man, he found Raphael who was an angel.

5:5 He knew nothing, so he said unto himself, “Canst thou take me to Rages?” And dost you know the places I mentioned?

5:6 To whom the angel said, “I will go with you,” and I know the way well. I’ve stayed with Gabael, our brother.

5:7 Tobias replied, “Tarry for me, until I inform my father.”

5:8 He said to them, Leave and go not. He told his father “Behold I have found someone who is willing to go with me.” He then called his father and said “Calm me unto you so that I can determine which tribe he belongs to and also if he’s reliable enough to go along with you.”

5:9 He then called him, and he came into.

5:10 Then Tobit told him: Brother, show me what tribe and family thou art.

5:11 to who it was stated, Doest thou seek an ancestor or a family and if so, an employed man to accompany thy son. Then Tobit said unto him, I would know, brother, thy kindred and the name.

5:12 He declared, “I am Azarias, the son of Ananias the great, and of thy brothers.

5:13 Tobit replied, “Thou art most welcome Tobit replied, “Brother.” He claimed that Tobit was right.

5:14 Tell me, how much will you be willing to pay me? What wages will you give me?

5:15 Aye, furthermore If you are safe, I will add some to thy wages.

5:16 They were very happy. Then he said to Tobias prepare yourself for the journey and let God will give you a pleasant journey. The father of his son told him, after he had prepared everything needed for the trip. God, who dwells in heaven will be with you on your travels and be with you throughout the journey. They set off together, taking the young man’s dog with them.

5:17 Anna her mother wept and inquired of Tobit why he had taken her son away. Isn’t he our staff member, who is coming in and out ahead of us?

5:18 Be not greedy to add money to money But let it be as refuse to do so in the eyes of our child.

5:19 For that which the Lord has given us to live with will be enough for us.

5:20 Tobit then said to her, Take no concern, my sister, he will return safely, and thine eyes will see him.

5:21 Because the good angel will keep his company, his journey and return will be secure and prosperous.

5:22 Afterwards, she stopped weeping.